ELLIS BROS – An Operational Brief


ELLIS BROS is a niche sharemarket advisory firm that has specialised in private-client advice since 1994. It offers a full range of investment services, with specialist expertise in New Zealand and Australian shares, and in local fixed-interest securities.

Potential clients of ELLIS BROS can be added to the Email Client-Communication (ECC) circulation list at their request. This is a free service. Just contact our office and advise your email address.

Stock purchases must be settled within two business days. Copies of contract notes can be emailed to clients on the same day of purchase/sale to help facilitate prompt settlement. Proceeds of stock/bond sales, similarly, are paid two days after the transaction date. To ensure prompt receipt of sales proceeds clients must provide ELLIS BROS with bank account details (and ‘proof of bank account’ documentation must be submitted during the account-establishment process).

Clients have the option of operating a Registered-Bank call account in tandem with their stock-trading account to simplify the flow of funds.