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Investment markets can be complicated beasts, and sometimes a little intimidating. Let us help you strip away the jargon and help formulate strategies to simplify the way forward. For a no-obligation opportunity to discuss your portfolio, call or email us now.

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Competitive Rates

Our standard brokerage rate is 1% of the cost of your NZ or Australian market transactions. Minimum brokerage charges of $NZ60 apply to NZ trades, and $A80 to Australian trades. A $NZ5.50 NZX trade levy also applies to NZ trades. 

Sharemarket Experts

We have been providing specialist advice about shares and fixed-interest securities since 1985. Whether you are looking to sell shares on a one-off basis, or want to build a longer term relationship with an experienced adviser, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to Ellis Bros! Established in 1994, Ellis Bros is a sharemarket advisory firm located on Auckland’s North Shore. We offer specialist investment advice about shares listed on the NZ and Australian sharemarkets, as well as fixed-interest securities traded on the NZX Debt Market.

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Financial advisers cannot provide personalized investment advice until investors have opened an account. Current regulations require that you be asked personal financial information so Ellis Bros can best provide tailor-made advice. Complete the ‘New Client’ documentation and also qualify for our email news service that keeps you in touch with market developments as they happen. To let us help you formulate strategies to maximize your investment returns while limiting downside risks …

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One-Off Sales

Ellis Bros offers a simplified, prompt service to investors who wish to dispose of their shares (or bonds) on a one-off basis. Standard brokerage charges apply (i.e. 1% on NZX/ASX trades, with minimum charges of $NZ60 and $A80 on NZX/ASX sales respectively). Click here to check whether you qualify to use this facility, and to see what information you need to provide to get your shares sold. Share proceeds are paid into an investor’s bank account two business days after sale-date.

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